Whether you are just starting on your musical journey, or you're ready to take your skills to the next level, I'm here to help you overcome limitations that may have held you back, and help you become the best musician you can be.


Let me introduce myself.  I'm Brenda Kimball.  I've been teaching music since 1985.  I teach mostly intermediate and advanced pianists, plus some kids who have just started.  I also teach adults and piano teachers who want to  build their skills and help their students solve problems.

My mission is to teach my students the skills they need to become independent learners, help them develop a healthy style of playing that will unlock their musical potential, and instill a love of music and learning that will give them something to enjoy their whole lives.

I teach all the standard stuff: the nuts and bolts of reading, counting, practicing, style, artistry, etc.  

But I have a special love for and ability to teach pianists HOW to play their best, using effective piano technique. That means I teach pianists how to move their fingers, hands, arms more effectively so they can play better and feel better when they play. And the point of it all is to free them up so they can create the exact sound they want and express the music, free from tension and limitation.

 I may be a bit of a technique nerd, but there's a reason I'm so passionate about it   Read About Me

Feel free to explore the website. I have a page that talks more specifically about what I do technically, the basic teaching objectives for students, my studio policies, and how to have me contact you.

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Brenda Kimball, M.Mus., NCTM