Learning Resources

Software we use in the studio:


Lessons, Exercises, and tools to help you master scales, chords, intervals, key signatures, and other elements of music theory.  Customizeable ear training drills and exercises to practice your note reading and theory.   Make your own staff paper (under tools).


Hundreds of music games. Geared help younger students boost their reading, listening, and theory skills.


-Advanced music theory and ear training. Includes the basics as musictheory.net, plus rhythmic dictation, harmonic functions, and jazz.


Over 1200 songs and drills to learn piano, or  build sightreading, rhythmic, ear training, technique. PLUS many printable pieces. Get instant feedback between lessons to assist as you practice the piano.

Piano technique: 


Recommended Reading:
The Perfect Wrong Note.   William Westney

The Talent Code. Daniel Coyle 

The Practice Revolution.   Phillip Johnston

Resources for teachers:


-Includes games, printable sheet music, and lots of great teaching suggestions.